Rex Entertainment seeks to develop and produce challenging documentaries.

The company is driven by film-maker Rex Bloomstein, whose films on crime and punishment, human rights, and the Holocaust have become major themes in his work.

He has been one of the pioneers of the prison documentary genre in Britain, exposing the hidden realities of life behind bars with films such as Lifers, and the double BAFTA-winning series Strangeways. He originated 11 years of ground-breaking appeals for the BBC with the series Prisoners of Conscience and Human Rights, Human Wrongs. In 2010, his feature documentary, This Prison Where I Live, campaigned against the imprisonment of Zarganar, Burma’s greatest living comedian. As well as producing and directing Auschwitz and the Allies and his three-part history of anti-Semitism, The Longest Hatred, his most recent film on the subject, KZ, was described as “the first post-modern Holocaust documentary.”

Rex Entertainment’s intention is to move hearts and minds and appeal to people interested in strong, passionate and real storytelling.


Striving to explore beneath the surface and bare witness to the exceptional realities of our world


Chronicling the scope and contribution implicit in the themes and realities of this body of work


Seeking to create initiatives that inspire our audience to further action